Raesborre Domain rentals

Event bookings All bookings are made in writing by signing and returning our offer confirmation and paying an advance equal to 20% of the total rental amount.

Payments and cancellations. The remaining 80% of the total rental amount is settled as follows: 40% of the total rent must be paid 3 months and the last 40% 1 month before the event starting date. An invoice is provided for each payment.

All invoices are payable within 8 days of the invoice date. Failure to pay the invoice on the due date will legally and without proof of default entail cancellation of your booking. Invoices paid are not refundable in case of the cancellation.

Complaints relating to the invoices, or the services to which they relate, must be communicated to us immediately by telephone or email and then within 5 days by the registered letter.

Deposit for possible damages. Deposit of € 750 must be paid 2 weeks before the starting date of the event. This will be refunded no later than 2 weeks after the event in absence of any issues. In case of disappeared objects and damages to buildings / furniture / equipment, items that has been removed or other problems, the costs of restoring the domain back to its original state are deducted from the deposit. If the costs are higher than the paid deposit, an additional invoice will follow. If the buildings are not left as agreed, additional cleaning costs or other related costs are necessary, it can also be deducted from the deposit. Pets are not allowed indoors unless increased deposit is agreed and paid by the tenant.

Insurances. Raseborre Domain has a fire insurance and general building insurance polis. We are not responsible for lost items and accidents caused by the tenants and their guests. Should you wish to take any additional insurances, please contact yours or our insurance broker for the special arrangements; the contacts for that can be provided.

Waste removal and cleaning fee. The tenant has responsibility for putting back all the items used indoors and outdoors (furniture, glasses, crockery, etc.) in its original state where they belong. Empty goods (bottles, packaging, boxes), any waste or trash must be disposed by the tenant or his caterer; otherwise 200 euro waste removal fee is charged from your deposit. Regular cleaning is included in the rental fees; in the event of the disproportional disorder and special cleaning requirements to the furnishing textiles, carpets, walls, additional fees can be charged.

Arrival and departure. Upon arrival the tenant is shown around the kitchens and the operation of the appliances is explained by the concierge or a care taker. This tour can be taken by the tenant himself or by the caterer who works on behalf of the tenant. Before departure, the rented premises are checked at agreed time.

After the event all objects that do not belong to Raesborre Domain must be collected and additional rented material must removed or stored according to the prior agreements.

Outdoor activities and smoking. There is a general smoking ban in the buildings of the entire domain. Any cigarette buds left or disposed outside must be cleaned up and taken away by the tenant.

Possible outdoor activities are discussed in advance. Fireworks are forbidden. Use of confetti, flower petals etc. must be agreed in advance. Installation of tents, music equipment, trucks, etc is only possible upon prior agreement. After the rental period, the domain (buildings and park) must be returned to its original state.

Dancing parties are not allowed inside the Mansion or Cottage. Dance floor is available in the garden pergola or should be purpose build in the party tent.

Party planning and catering. You have a choice between engaging your own party planner and catering or asking for a turn key offer for your event from the event planners we are normally working with. We can provide you with a list of the event planners and caterers we can recommend. For events above 40 people it is important to use a professional catering to ensure that organization runs smoothly.

State of the buildings and the park. Raesborre Domain is a place where we spend special attention and care about the environment and ecological & economical use of the resources as energy, water, garden maintenance. The Domain is well maintained, the park is neatly mowed and decorated with some fixed flower pots and hanging baskets. If you still wish more in terms of decoration, you can make your own arrangements or we can provide some extras subject to an agreement and prior payment.