At Raesborre Domain we understand the needs of privacy and safety of your personal information. You only give us your personal information as you chose and solely for purposes of processing your request for our services.

To provide you with the best available offers for your events we need to know certain things about you, like your name, contact details, your address; sometimes also your date of birth or other data can be relevant, in order to process your booking.

We use the information collected about potential and actual clients solely for providing and improving event management services we offer. We use contact data to send information about our products and services.

Communication with users: we might contact you using phone, e-mail, SMS or an instant messaging platform. We collect the communication between you and us and we will use your data to:

  1. Recognize you when you contact us.
  2. Solve all the issues raised by you or services providers.
  3. Ask you for an opinion.
  4. Send you important alert or relevant promotion materials.

Market analysis: We can use anonymized data for the analysis of the market. Non-anonymized data or opinions can be collected only if you will agree.

Your permission: we can ask you for a permission to use your data for special marketing purposes. You can revoke such a permission any time by contacting us.

With whom we can share your data. We share the information we collect about you only according to the purpose of data collection. Solely for purposes of giving you better service level we may use third party providers (e.g. event planners, equipment rentals, catering companies, etc.) – who supply us with their specialized service.

We only cooperate with partners based within the EEA and all of them have appropriate technical and organizational measures in place to protect your personal data according to the European data privacy laws.

Where we process your personal data. Your personal data may be stored, used and otherwise processed within Belgium and/or any other countries of the European Economic Area (EEA).

Social media. We use social media and instant messaging platforms to promote our services and products or services of our partners. We share information about our projects and we gather feedback and marketing data