Keys and house access

Access keypads


blue cottage key (add photo?)

pink mansion key



Concerning the pond, it should be noted that on the edges the water is not deep (+/- 30 cm and 120 cm in the middle). Nevertheless, it can be a hazard when very little children play around the pond unattended. It is the sole responsibility of the tenants to look after the safety of their (little) guests especially for what the pond is concerned.

Firepit/BBQ grill

Can be used as open fire or/and BBQ grill. Grill with special support is in the kitchen draw under the stove; must be kept in order and put back at the same place clean and complete.

If you use our firewood stock, please replace it with the new supply from ………………; make sure to buy dry firewood.

TODO use one at terrace


No loud music, parties or crowded events are allowed after 11 pm. Any special events you wish to organize require permission of the landlords requested via your agent.

TODO Party noise should be kept to reasonable level, professional loud music installations require approval.

TODO write somewhere fireworks forbidden

Front gate and parking

Max 8-10 cars, absolutely not allowed to turn/drive on the grass

TODO describe shuttle service for additional cost



Mansion 1 in living room next to door to hallway:

Regulate temperature, use + – buttons

Cottage 1 at right hand side of tv, use + – buttons to regulate temp, has floor heating


paint colors for retouching

TODO ask Sveta paint numbers

no holes in the walls

most important



Important to know for lighting up the fire:

Locations: Mansion office, Cottage living room

Use is at own risk, if not experienced ask our assistance or don’t use.



  • Oven (2 ovens): handles from left to right, first handle is left oven temp, 2nd is left oven mode, 3rd is right oven temp

Induction stove: 5 handles on the right to control, by default use inner circle for heating, to activate the outer circle turn the handle all the way around and then back to the level you wish


  • Fridge with freezer
  • dishwasher – use IBA friendly products only (which are supplied)


TODO: strictly forbidden to use chemicals which harm IBA

  • manuals are in the kitchen bookshelf


Showers must be clicked into middle position to prevent dripping



Sauna operation: on the bottom (front side) of the electric heater are 2 turning knobs. One for the temperature control (best is not to touch it) and another one for the timer. It is a mechanical timer so you turn clockwise to wind it up and then set the operating time by turning back the knob counterclockwise (the scale is in hours). The background scale of the timer has 2 zones: on the left a white background and on the right a dark one. In the white zone the heater is OFF and this is only to program a waiting time. When it reaches the dark zone the heater switches ON and stays on until the timer is back at zero. Note: when leaving the sauna one has to turn the timer knob fully counterclockwise till zero to stop  the heater.

Cleaning & Laundry

Vacuum cleaners:

handheld in basement

big one in basement

Cleaning lady:

TODO get details


Towels are in the bathroom drawers, take what is needed

TVs & Internet


Zet eerst projector aan, via manueel knop aan de onderkant vd projector zelf, of de kleine BENQ remote

Zet digibox aan via de digibox remote

Zet Home Theater system aan (voor audio) via de grootste remote (LG)


WiFi: Raesborre
No password

Reset TV configuration

HDMI cable color codes:
Black:   projector – LG Home Theater
Red:      LG Home Theater – Telenet digi box
White:  LG Home Theater – laptop


  1. Turn on by pressing the power icon
  2. Press SOURCE
  3. Choose HDMI by pressing the arrow buttons and confirm with MODE / ENTER
  4. Make sure volume is set to 0
  5. Turn off by pressing the power icon twice

LG Home Theater

  1. Use remote to turn on
  2. Use this remote to change volume
  3. Press FUNCTION (top right corner) to change mode, until you see HDMI IN1 on the display


  1. Use Telenet remote to turn on Telenet for TV and to change channels
  2. When turning off it will also automatically turn off the LG Home Theater


TODO check with Wim

To be separated to:

recyclable plastic

carton & paper


general waste

special containers at the end of drive in road


Check in

TODO combine with generic Airbnb list


  • clean all wood benches, decking, shower column
  • clean pool cover and open the pool, vacume as needed, check and clean filters as needed
  • lay out all cushions
  • clean and install chaiselongs


  • prepare the beds to specification
  • bath towels – 2 small 2 big per person
  • beach towels – 1 per person
  • toilet paper 2 rools per WC
  • soap, etc


  • Check all drawers, ovens, fridge for cleaning


Clean as needed

  • xxxxx

Check out


  • take in all cushions and textiles
  • close pool cover, check and clean filters as needed
  • turn and store chaiselongs
  • check around for damages or missing pieces


  • take off bed linen and towels
  • check around for damages or missing pieces


  • check around for damages or missing pieces
  • check all drawers, ovens, fridge


  • wash towels and linen


  • take out all rabish
  • put on alarm
  • xxxxx

Key box

Netflix log out


additional files on Google drive

Photos & Videos


List of contacts

House agent

Kurt Temmerman +34 (646) 14 08 16

Heating – cooling- electricity

Fre De Peuter  +32474277737 EN/NL/FR

Cleaning lady

Shaira +34 (674) 70 60 93

Window cleaning

Miguel Limpia Crtistales +34639312790

Electricity local



other… ?

AEG appliances

AEG service center in Malaga

+34 952 23 98 22



  • 24/24 +34 (686) 98 15 12


Rodrigo +34 (676) 43 18 60


Emergency numbers

General Emergency number in Spain is 112, does not need any area code


Tourist helpline and emergency number

+34 902 102 112 (in English, French, German and Italian)

The Servicio de Atención al Turista Extranjero (SATE) handles security of foreigners. You can report a crime, lost property or documents, damage, assault, robbery, break-in or an accident to a tourist police. After calling, you will typically have 48 hours to visit your local police station to ratify your complaint.

You can also find the closest SATE contact:

Madrid: 915 488 537 | 915 488 008

Malaga: 951 926 161 | 951 999 818

Sevilla: 954 564 767


Ambulance (ambulancía) and health emergencies

Call 061 or 112


Fire brigade (cuerpo de bomberos)

Call 080 or 112


Local police (policía municipal)

Call 092. The municipal police cover their local town or city area for traffic offences and control, lost property and crimes such as theft and neighbourhood disputes.

  • Owners

Svetlana Almakaeva +32478311378

Willem De Peuter +32478304040









  • Telenet

Password ?????