1. Keys and house access

The key is provided in amount of 1 set and can be used to open/close both doors – front and back

2. Pond

On the edges the water is not deep (+/- 30 cm and 120 cm in the middle). Nevertheless, it can be a hazard when very little children play around the pond unattended. It is the sole responsibility of the tenants to look after the safety of their (little) guests.

3. Noise and use of fireworks

No loud music, parties or crowded events are allowed after 11 pm. Any special events you wish to organize require permission of the landlords.

Party noise should be kept to reasonable level, professional loud music installations require approval.

Fireworks are strictly forbidden on the premises.

4. Front gate and parking

The parking capacity allows around 30 cars. It is strictly forbidden to partially or fully drive on the grass.

5. Heating

There is a thermostat at the right-hand side of the TV. To change the temperature use + – buttons. The house has floor heating.

6. Walls

There are no holes in the walls. There are some black marks on the walls and the landlord acknowledges it.

7. Fireplace

The fireplace is located in the living room. It is in a working condition. The use of the fireplace is at your own risk. Please do not use the fireplace if you are not sure how to use it. Please ask for the landlords’ assistance if you have any questions or concerns.

8. Kitchen

The kitchen is equipped with the combi microwave oven.

9. Cleaning

Please let us know if you would like to schedule extra cleaning during your stay and we will contact our cleaning lady. The charge for optional weekly cleaning and optional 2-weekly change of bed linen is 180 euro per month.

10. Internet

WiFi network is: Raesborre Guest

Password: RaesborreGuest2020

If you have any issues with the internet, please contact Rik at +32 484 362 009 or rik@raesborre.com

11. Garbage

You can use small rubbish bags provided next to the rubbish bin. Once its full, please, take your bag to the rubbish bins behind the solar panels shack. There are 2 bins – one is for recyclables and one is the rest. It will be shown at the check in.


There is a biological waste processing system and using non eco products harms it. Please, use only the products provided or purchase eco cleaning products only if needed. It is strictly forbidden to use chemicals which harm IBA.

12. Check out

Upon leaving the house please take the rubbish out and make sure not to leave anything in the fridge. We would appreciate if the house has been left tidy.
Make sure all doors are locked and leave the key(s) in the lockbox #2 outside in the shack next to the cottage (when you exit, do a left u-turn, through the door).

13. Contents


Fridge Proline

Iron Rowenta

Coffee machine Phillips Senseo



Gas stove


Dishwasher + little drying rack

Washing machine + drying rack

Cutlery, plates, glasses, cooking utensils

Table and 6 chairs
Living Room

Laundry basket

Standing lamp

HP Deskjet scanner/printer

TV Phillips + remote



Small Table

3 persons couch


2 fans

1 clothing hanging rack


1 double bed

1 night stand + lamp

1 single bed

2 wide cabinets with drawers

2 small cabinets with open drawers


Table and 4 chairs

8 stacked chairs